Job description – Quality Assurance Engineer

A: Introduction:

Elbit systems Switzerland is looking for experienced quality assurance engineer.

B: Job description:

Elbit systems Switzerland is ongoing work on a large project with the Swiss army
We are now looking to recruit a quality assurance engineer in the company who will join the operations team.

C: Education & Experience:

    1. Experience dealing with vehicles integration, QA requirements by armasuisse such as QIAV in terms of hardware and software.
    2. Experience with integration or testing of Software systems and integration.
    3. Knowledge of Quality Norms and Procedures in relations to ISO9100 and AQAP2110.
    4. Acquainted with structures and applicable norms out of MIL and EN standards.
    5. Passion for self-learning and implementing automation for QA procedures and documents.
    6. Knowledge of configuration for Config/Flow management system like JIRA.
    7. Knowledge of configuration on ERP Systems (QA building block).
    8. Good experience in test automation tools or implementing one from scratch (e.g. Jmeter, LoadRunner, Serial Port Tester).
    9. Familiarity with an Engineering role deploying/testing one or more large-scale solutions.
    10. Knowledge on continuous integration/deployment (Ansible, Jenkins, Foreman).
    11. Knowledge of QA Databases and their setup.
    12. Experience in an intercultural environment.
    13. Ability to handle exceptions and waivers with QA personnel on deliverables and integration stream.

D: Job Responsibilities:

  1. Work/Coordinate with Program / Supplier Manager and customer to execute and ensure that the defined test procedures and requirements for all material/product deliveries and the full integration chain are being followed and reported. The reference document for procedures and standards to be applied is the agreed QMP (Quality Management Plan).
  2. Responsible/Assist in creation/update of all integration / QA part of Prototype/Zero, Serial and product delivery plans.
  3. Assist in reviews, including but not limited to, Test Readiness Reviews, Technical Qualification Reviews, and Final Qualification Reviews, Delivery Gates, Acceptance Test Procedures and Reports, Material acceptance Procedure.
  4. Prepare the resources (documents, requirements, procedures) used for various test configurations, develop and implement verification procedures, manage test deviations and record all verification results.
  5. Ensure full traceability of deliverables and tests to project requirements, using appropriate requirements management tools (JIRA Integration Tool)
  6. Manage/Coordinate all relevant QA activities for product deliveries and integration with the peers/relevant QA personnel of the customer.
  7. Ensure that QA tasks/procedures/documents are performed to the satisfaction of all customer representatives and internal stakeholders.
  8. Responsible for CH Factory Acceptance Test, CH Site Integration and CH Testing.
  9. Prepare, setup to automate and conduct tests on deliverables of systems performance and stability, for both hardware and software.
  10. Create and implement KPI`s for Quality Management on deliverables and the applicable process steps in integration as well as Integration/deployment of new radio software releases
  11. Delivery QA Cockpit/Reporting for the Serial integration process.