New production site in the canton of Jura

RAMI SWISS – offset partner of Elbit Systems Switzerland – celebrated the opening of a new production site for communication technologies in Courtételle (JU). The event was attended by representatives from industry, administration, and politics. The commissioning of the new production facility is a milestone in the successful collaboration between RAMI SWISS and Elbit Systems Switzerland. Both the Swiss Army and the Canton of Jura will benefit from this new offer.
In the presence of about fifty guests from industry, administration and politics, RAMI SWISS and its partner Elbit Systems Switzerland inaugurated on Friday May 12, 2023, a new production site for communication solutions in Courtételle (JU). This inauguration also testifies to the attractiveness of the canton of Jura as an industrial site.

Rob Payne, CEO of RAMI: “The location in Courtételle in the Jura allows for close cooperation with our Swiss partners. The local industry and the well-trained Swiss specialists create optimal conditions for a successful establishment of the company. The demand for offset partners in French-speaking Switzerland gives us the opportunity to build, together with Elbit Systems Switzerland, something that is only just beginning with the new site and production unit.
In Courtételle, components of Elbit Systems Switzerland products will be manufactured for use by the Swiss Army, mainly in the framework of the “Army Telecommunications” project. The presence and the offer of Elbit Systems in Switzerland are underlined and developed by this partnership with RAMI SWISS.

Jakob Baumann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elbit Systems Switzerland: “Elbit Systems Switzerland has a close partnership with the Swiss industrial landscape. This partnership is focused on technology transfer and sharing Elbit’s know-how in tactical communication technologies and intelligent networking of different systems. The partnership with RAMI SWISS also demonstrates Elbit’s commitment to local production of components for joint projects.
Jacques Gerber, Minister of Economy of the Canton of Jura, described the opening of the production unit as an opportunity for the region. «This production site is the fruit of a fine collaboration between two companies, but also between the companies and the cantonal authorities for this establishment. This work tool brings new activities in the region. Activities closely linked to the internal and external security of Switzerland. This will lead to the creation of new jobs».

Charles Julliard, State Councillor of the Canton of Jura, emphasized in his speech the strategic importance of local production of army equipment and congratulated Elbit for its investment: «Indeed, in order to fulfill part of its obligations in terms of compensatory business, Elbit has chosen not only to place orders with Swiss companies, but to help create a company in Switzerland in order to manufacture the antennas of the Swiss Army radios locally».

About RAMI SWISS in Courtételle
➢ What is manufactured at the RAMI SWISS production site?
In the production facility, communication technology components (mainly antennas) are produced for the “Telecommunications Modernization” program. Elbit supplies, among other things, the radio equipment for this program. The antennas are produced by RAMI. The corresponding technologies will also be transferred to Switzerland. In the medium term, other markets will also be supplied with Swiss produced antennas.

➢ How is the collaboration between RAMI SWISS and Elbit Systems Switzerland?
The RAMI SWISS production site manufactures the components required for the joint project with the Swiss Army (TKA) on behalf of Elbit Systems Switzerland. RAMI SWISS and Elbit Systems Switzerland are working closely together.

➢ Why Courtételle?
The canton of Jura offers optimal conditions for a successful establishment of the company. The local industry and the job market with well-trained specialists as well as the increased demand for offset business in the French speaking part of Switzerland led RAMI to Courtételle.

➢ What does the opening mean for the region of Delémont and the canton of Jura?
The opening creates jobs in the region in a very modern and promising field. And since the program will have a minimum 10-year duration, the site will also have the opportunity to qualify for other projects.


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