Elbit Systems Switzerland opens a network and digitization center in Uetendorf BE

In the presence of representatives from industry, administration and politics Elbit Systems Switzerland opened a Network and Digitization Center (NDC) in Uetendorf. This event represents an important milestone for Elbit Systems Switzerland and underlines its intention to become the leading partner for network-based operations in Switzerland. The NDC will be a hub for diverse professionals and experts, with a focus on collaboration with a wide range of partners – including, in particular, the Swiss Armed Forces.

In the presence of about 50 guests from industry, administration and politics, Elbit Systems Switzerland opens its Network and Digitization Center (NDC) in Uetendorf BE today. This event represents an important milestone for Elbit Systems Switzerland. With the establishment of this center, Elbit Systems Switzerland underlines its intention to become the leading partner for network-based operations in Switzerland.

“In networking and digitalization projects, we want to be the preferred partner of all Swiss security actors in the future,” says Haim Delmar, General Manager of Elbit Systems C4I & Cyber. “Elbit brings a lot of know-how in terms of tactical communication solutions and intelligent networking of different systems. We want to make this know-how available to our Swiss partners and develop it further – this together with local industry, Swiss research institutions and our people in Israel and Switzerland.”

Elbit Systems has extensive international experience in the supply, integration and commissioning of digital systems. Numerous countries – including Israel, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Canada and Australia, among others – count on Elbit Systems’ competence and capabilities. With the opening of the NDC, Elbit Systems is greatly expanding its presence and offerings in Switzerland. This will help ensure that Switzerland will experience an improvement in digital sovereignty. “Digital sovereignty is a legitimate aspiration for a highly technical country like Switzerland. However, this can only be achieved with partners who compete with the best on a daily basis and operate at the cutting edge of technology,” says Jakob Baumann, Chairman of the Board of Elbit Systems Switzerland. “Elbit Systems Switzerland sees itself as part of this community and will henceforth make an important contribution within it. ”

The Network and Digitization Center starts its regular operations with immediate effect. At the beginning, the focus is mainly on the project “Telecommunication of the Armed Forces”, in which Elbit Systems supplies decisive components. However, the goal is to be an integration center for other systems from various providers and users in the medium term.

About the Network and Digitization Center

  •   What is the Network and Digitization Center Uetendorf?
    •   The Network and Digitization Center (NDC) Uetendorf represents a long-term and strategic investment in the Swiss location for Elbit Systems.
    • The NDC is a facility/laboratory/test bed that enables the integration of existing communications systems/applications and future technologies in a simulated environment and in real-world scenarios.
    • The infrastructure in the NDC allows to maintain dozens of nodes in the tactical network. It can be expanded to support a multi-domain network with additional E-LynX configurations and waveforms (PNR, HH, MP, Airborn, USV, UAV) that can operate in the NDC and outdoors using the rooftop antennas
  • What is the focus of the NDC Uetendorf?
    • The focus is on integration capabilities, simulation, testing, and verification of all existing network-based systems and applications, as well as future solutions and technologies.
    • The establishment of the NDC is an important milestone in Elbit Systems Switzerland’s mission to become the main integrator of the “Telecommunications of the Armed Forces” project. This forms the basis for network-based operations and enables digital transformation in the multi-domain battlespace for the Swiss Armed Forces.
  • Why in Uetendorf?
    • Elbit Systems Switzerland chose a location close to the army infrastructure in Thun and close to armasuisse S+T.
    • The NDC site in Uetendorf is 2.5 km away from armasuisse S&T and has a direct LOS (Line Of Sight) radio link.
  • What competencies does the NDC provide?
    • The NDC is based on Elbit Systems’ wireless technology and advanced network solutions, which are used in various countries.
    • The NDC is working on improving the operational tempo and flexibility of the systems. The aim is to reduce the physical and cognitive burden on users in the digitally transformed battlefield in order to successfully master current and future operational requirements.
    • The NDC infrastructure can support dozens of nodes connected via an RF matrix and provide the ability to connect classified and unclassified legacy systems/applications.
    • Legacy systems can be housed in a dedicated classified customer room in the NDC and integrated into the EMC network through a physical firewall.
    • A strong on-site team, supported by Elbit C4I and cyber specialists, guarantees a high-quality and satisfactory service.
  • What are Elbit Systems Switzerland’s goals with the NDC?
    • Elbit Systems Switzerland intends to become the leading partner for network-based operations in Switzerland.
    • The focus is on building local capacity in the area of tactical communications solutions and positioning Elbit Systems Switzerland as the main integrator of the “Telecommunications of the Armed Forces” project.
    • In addition, the integration of AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) technologies into system components will be achieved through research and development groups consisting of professionals from local industry, academic research institutions and Elbit Systems Switzerland.

About Elbit Systems
Elbit Systems is an international high-technology company active worldwide in a wide range of programs in defense, homeland security and commercial applications. The company, which includes Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries, can demonstrate competencies and expertise in aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (“C4ISR”) systems, unmanned aerial systems, advanced electro-optics, electro-optical space systems, EW suites, signals intelligence systems, data links and communications systems, radios, cyber-based systems and munitions. The company also focuses on the renewal of existing platforms, the development of new technologies for defense, homeland security and commercial applications, and offers a range of support tools, including training and simulation systems.

Elbit Systems Switzerland was established in 2019. The establishment of a Swiss subsidiary is part of the company’s long-term growth path in this market. In the last decade, Elbit Systems has been successfully active in the Swiss market, especially in programs such as INTAFF, ADS15 and others. Elbit Systems Switzerland aims to expand the transfer of advanced technologies and know-how to the Swiss market, build local development capacity, further deepen cooperation with Swiss high-tech companies and facilitate relations with scientific and technological research institutions.



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