The Integrated Artillery Command and Fire Control System (INTAFF) enables an almost instantaneous exchange of data in the overall artillery system. This significantly accelerates the process flows, and the information is available to all involved in an up-to-date and transparent form. The focus is on the fire control and fire direction process, from the firing commander to the fire control center. The fire control center is the artillery nerve center of the brigade. In addition to the actual fire control and fire direction process, the logistics process and the exchange of orders and messages are also made possible via INTAFF. This means, for example, that all INTAFF stations always have a precise overview of ammunition stocks and updated situation maps.

INTAFF is a success story and is being steadily continued. The 32 new 12 cm mortar systems of the Swiss Army are also equipped with INTAFF. This enables a networked and integrated operational capability of the system. Furthermore, INTAFF also plays an important role in the tactical reconnaissance system (TASYS). The workstations for control and operation are operated with the updated INTAFF. Elbit Systems is responsible for this important expansion and implementation in both systems.