In the full range of situations and tasks facing armed forces, the rapid and reliable acquisition and dissemination of information plays a key role. Reconnaissance drones are increasingly taking on important tasks in this regard because technical advances in recent years have significantly increased their performance.

With the Hermes 900 HFE (referred to as ADS 15 in the Swiss Army), Elbit Systems is delivering a modern, technically advanced and highly efficient unmanned aircraft system to the Swiss Army. In today’s environment, the need for extended aerial reconnaissance, which may last for days, can arise on short notice, for example in the event of natural or technical disasters, in crises or the sudden defense against an armed attack. The following missions can be performed with the ADS 15 both in training services and in operations:

  • Surveillance of large areas
  • Search, reconnaissance and tracking of targets
  • Enhancement of situational awareness and the protection of critical infrastructures and forces