Job description – Tech Lead

A: Introduction:

Elbit systems Switzerland is looking for experienced Tech Lead.

B: Job description:

Elbit systems Switzerland is ongoing work on a large project with the Swiss army.
We are now looking to recruit a Technical Lead in the company who will manage our Field engineering & technical support team.

C: Education & Experience:

  1. requires a bachelor’s degree in a related area or equivalent) or at least 3 years of experience in the field or in a related area.
  2. understanding of Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems
  3. Hands-on experience with VLAN trunking, STP troubleshooting,
  4. understanding of network protocols ( DNS , DHCP , TCP /IP, ARP , HTTP , HTTP /S, SSH , etc.)
  5. in-depth understanding of communication protocols (mainly TCP/IP) and routing protocols (e.g. BGP, OSPF)
  6. Preferred Experience with operation of Tactical Radio & intercom in Military environment (tactical platforms) advantage
  7. Experienced with operation of measuring equipment etc.: VSWR meter, RF analyzer & Voltmeter advantage.

D: Required Skills:

  • Outstanding organizational and time-management skills
  • Excellent people skills
  • Ability to lead a team and manage workplan to support technical projects.
  • Willing to work Demanding hours and challenging dynamic workplans.

E: Job Responsibilities:

  1. Determining project requirements and developing work schedules for the team
  2. Delegating tasks and achieving daily, weekly, and monthly goals
  3. Identifying risks and forming contingency plans as soon as possible.
  4. Analysing existing operations and scheduling training sessions and meetings to discuss improvements.
  5. Updating work schedules and performing troubleshooting as required.
  6. Training of new employees and reviewing the high performing team
  7. Become the core knowledge holder of all company systems.
  8. Hold a strong working relationship with engineering departments
  9. Mange fault finding and fault solving processes.